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RowSource’s classified advertising service offers a fully-automated and quick way to post job openings online.

Washington, D.C. – March 8, 2017 – RowSource, a resource for rowers, coaches, and coxswains, today announced the immediate availability of Classifieds, a new service that enables any hiring manager to purchase personalized and extremely affordable classified advertising that appears instantly on the RowSource job board (www.rowsource.com/helpwanted) and is promoted through RowSource social media channels.

Since the beta debut of Classifieds last month, the service has been adopted by rowing clubs across the United States. The Classifieds service offers targeted advertising through a simple to use self-service system, and enables advertisers to edit a listing after it’s been posted.

RowSource’s Classifieds service is designed to offer a simple job advertising solution for the rowing community, including scholastic, collegiate, and masters programs, as well as rowing-related businesses like boat manufacturers, retailers, and repair shops. The service offers real-time editing of ads, and the ability to mark a job as “filled” once you’ve found the perfect candidate. For the job seeker, the job board’s intuitive design minimizes time spent searching by providing key word, location, and category searches.

The Classifieds service enables advertisers to choose carefully selected key words and categories that target potential candidates by matching a user’s search query.

RowSource’s Classifieds service offers the following features:

  • New ads appear instantly: Ads are added to the online job board immediately after an order is placed. (RowSource has the right to edit, flag, or delete ads that are offensive or otherwise inappropriate.)
  • Ad preview: Shows how your ad will look before it’s posted on RowSource’s job board.
  • Multi-location listing: Your ad will automatically appear on the job board and be posted to RowSource’s social media feeds once a week for four consecutive weeks (or until you confirm that your position has been filled).

About RowSource
RowSource provides thousands of visitors each month with insights on rowing, coxing, and coaching from a masters perspective. A small woman-owned business based in Washington, D.C., RowSource was founded by coach Rachel Freedman in 2014. RowSource is a labor of love for Freedman, who seeks to provide an alternative voice in the rowing community.

Rachel Freedman