We’re live in 3, 2, 1 …

And there I was, on a podcast. There’s a first time for everything.

Producer Charlotte Pierce and Assistant producer Shannon Borum of Ready, Row! USA were welcoming hosts who invited me to chat as part of their Women’s History Month celebration.

I can talk shop for hours, but there are a few key moments of rowing/coaching/coxing career that stand out, and Charlotte and Shannon were willing to listen to me ramble about them.

Watch the full episode (about 35 min.) above or just check out the cliff notes here:

Coxswain Weigh-Ins

There once was a time when I did all I could to make weight at USRowing Masters Nationals. I ate all the lettuce, and drank all the water, and was doing two-a-day workouts training for swim/bike duathlons, rowing, and coxing. When I weighed-in Day 1 of Nationals that year, the scale showed 119.2, just under the 120 lb. threshold. I was excited, and then I was annoyed. Read about it: Coxswain Weigh-Ins: Is Lighter Always Better?

Preparing for Head of the Charles

My first year coxing HOCR I was a bit over-confident, and – I’m embarrassed to say – definitely under-prepared when it came to knowing the course. “Three miles, a bunch of bridges, some turns, yeah, yeah, I got it.” Read about what went wrong and how learning the hard way prompted me to do better the next time: HOCR: In the Driver’s Seat

Rubbing Shoulders with the Big Kids

Despite nearly two decades of rowing, coxing, and coaching, there are still certain situations that make me feel under-prepared, less-than, inadequate. When I sat down to row a half-marathon at Erg Sprints I had a less-than-impressive goal split but I was looking forward to the ultimate accomplishment. Turns out the woman on the erg next to me was Esther Lofgren, an Olympic gold medalist. It was intimidating. She ended up pulling a world record that day. And I was there in the seat next to her. Read about my dry mouth and Esther’s blistering pace: A Tale of Two Rowers: ErgHalf Marathon