The Alliance of Women Rowing Coaches

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I can count on one hand the number of female coaches I’ve rowed for since I learned to row in 2001. Anecdotally, it seems that more women are getting coaching certs, and I’ve met a lot of women coaches over the years. But it was surprising to me that, here in the United States, I couldn’t find an organization with a focus on supporting women who coached. So after some hand-wringing I took the leap and founded the Alliance of Women Rowing Coaches group on Facebook.

The Alliance of Women Rowing Coaches is a platform for sharing, connecting, and developing. This is a community that seeks to drive and influence the involvement of women as coaches at all levels of our sport.

Members of the group are encouraged to ask coaching-related questions, share coaching-specific information and opportunities, and reach out for ideas, inspiration, and motivation for all things coaching.

In just seven days since the group went live, 140 women have joined, shared stories and advice, posted job opportunities, and asked important questions.

I hope you’ll consider joining the conversation, and sharing this new resource with other women coaches that you know, whether they just started or have 20 years of experience.

When you join, take a moment to introduce yourself – let us know where you coach and the best piece of rowing advice you ever received.

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