Steady State Network: Rowing… for the rest of us

Back in April I made a new friend named Tara, who turned into a business partner, which has led to this very day when I am excited to share with you a new venture we’re calling the Steady State Network.

Steady State Network reframes the popular, yet limited narrative about rowing culture. We celebrate the expansive array of rowers, coaches, and coxswains and savor real-life experience from launch to cox seat at every level. It’s about rowing – for the rest of us.

In this crazy year, we’re looking to connect a rowing community that’s been left feeling disconnected. We’ve begun producing a podcast, are hosting an inclusive coaching summit on October 3, send out a weekly e-newsletter, and will publish the first issue of a quarterly magazine early this winter.

We’ve staked down some real estate online at – head over there to get a look.

You can also connect with us at:

Since I launched RowSource in 2014, you’ve supported this passion project as a reader, contributor, shopper, and friend. RowSource will continue to exist and thrive as a resource for masters rowers, coaches, and coxswains. This new venture, with creator and fellow rowing fan Tara Morgan (founder, Seize the Oar), thrives on the same inspiration and passion for all things rowing.

We hope you’ll check out Steady State Network, and share the news with your friends.