Celebrating Black History Month

Black Girl Magic: A Collaboration with Relentless Rowing Academy

Row Source + Relentless Rowing Academy Partner to Celebrate Black History Month

I’ve teamed up with Relentless Rowing Academy Founder/CEO Ashley L. Pryor to release a t-shirt designed to uplift the representation of Black female rowers.

I met Ash when she received a 2020 Changemaker Scholarship from Steady State Network. When we got to chatting she shared her love for my original “single” t-shirt design but wondered: “Could you update the artwork to represent her features and naturally coily/curly hair up in a bun?” a hairdo affectionately referred to as the ‘pineapple.’

In speaking about DEI and representation, we decided to collaborate on the design. The decision came easy and was born of the ideology that we are stronger when we come together and when we uplift each other as women entrepreneurs.

As partners in this project, our intention is to inspire more collaborative efforts in the rowing community that help center marginalized voices and make the rowing community a place that everyone can see themselves.

We all play a part, even if that part for me is updating a design for a shirt with a catchy tagline.

A portion of the proceeds will support Relentless Rowing Academy as they gear up for their first racing season in partnership with Central Ohio Rowing located in Columbus, OH