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Coxswain Tom Beodeker spent 16 years with Lake Union Crew before moving to San Diego.

Hot Seat: Tom Boedeker

When you're a 90-pound high school freshman, your seat in the boat is the ninth. And if you take on the challenge of learning the coxing ropes as a teenager, yo... Read More...
AC Chacon, Head Coach of Long Beach State men's rowing. (Photo: Jasmine McGill)

Hot Seat: AC Chacon

Weight Training 101 is what 110-pound AC Chacon signed up for one fall as a student at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. It was there that a chance mee... Read More...
Understand what three main buttons do and you'll rule practice.

CoxBox 101: Is this Thing On?

Back in the day, a coxswain wore a megaphone strapped to his face in order to be heard by the crew, and used a mechanical stop watch and rate watch to manage wo... Read More...